Whole Language or Phonics for Reading

Phonics for Reading

There was a debate that raged for several years over whether children should be taught phonics skills in school. The overuse of work sheets and phonics drills and the lack of exposure to engaging literature in class made many parents and researchers wonder whether time was being wasted on such practices, especially when delivered in whole-class formats where some children already had strong phonics skills in place. The truth is — phonics skills are absolutely necessary for reading, yet children develop these skills at different rates. The ability to recognize letters in the alphabet and the sounds that are associated with those letters is the first step in reading text. Equally important, however, is the exposure to wonderful literature that makes reading fun and worthwhile. A careful balance of resources at home and in school will support the development of strong skills and a love of literature. Just as a quilter needs to learn sewing skills for quilting, there is also a need to view a variety of beautiful quilts for developing independence and individual preferences for quilting.



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