Starfall Phonics Review

Teaching your child to read through phonics is a process that is almost 100 years old. It breaks down word structure into letters sounds, so that kids can tell what other words are supposed to sound like. Even as an adult, if you see a word that you don’t know, you sound it out to see if it makes sense. Phonics works in a similar fashion and is known to be a great approach for teaching young kids to read.

Starfall Phonics knows all about this concept, because they make tools to help you do just that. They are known for their books for young readers, which are designed to introduce them to a great number of sounds that they’ll encounter in real life. The books are easy to get through and are sturdy enough to read through many times as your child progresses in their training.


The set has 15 books with words that kids are able to follow. Each book covers a new sound that they’ll need to know. They also have colorful illustrations that are fun and entertain young readers. This means that kids will want to read them and keep reading. Click here to learn more about Star Fall Phonics.

Who Should Use It

This product is great for children that are in preschool or school. It teaches many of the most common sounds they’ll hear when they are first learning how to read. It can also help kids that are not able to read at the level they should. They may not have been taught properly the first time or are not getting adequate attention at school regarding these skills. The program essentially lays down a solid set of rules for kids to remember when they are reading. The books can be read whenever you have time, as there is no set time table. Moreover, each book can be read as many times as it takes for a child to grasp the information.

Users’ Thoughts

People that own the product report that it works on kids as young as 3 years old. They are able to follow what is going on and finish the program after practicing for many months. At the same time, some people wish there were even more books, so that their children can keep reading after they master the 15 book set. Others say that the first two books are rather easy and the third book can’t be picked up and learned right away after the first 2. To solve this, all you have to do is go to the Starfall website for more advice and help. There are lessons and other tools there to help your tyke be able to follow what’s going on, including printable materials and fun games. If that doesn’t help, you may want to simply make flash cards to cover some of the material that the books present. They can act like a test to review concepts.

What to Expect

Once you start using these books with your kids, you can expect them to be either reading better or well on their way to reading. They’ll also be able to pronounce words better and formulate sentences with new words that they’ve learned. They may also become far more confident in their skills and ask for more books.

What Else You Can Do

If you find that Starfall doesn’t have enough material, you can research other things that can work in conjunction with the program. This can be anything from videos teaching phonics, computer games, or other teaching strategies. Basically, you can use as many things as you want to teach phonics to your kids. However, the best thing to do is repetition and comprehension.

Repetition involves letting them read the books or reading the books with them as often as possible. Comprehension involves having them recall what they are learning. You can do that by making up quiz questions for them to answer or drawing up your own worksheets for them to fill out.

Another good thing to do is provide your child with an incentive to read the books. This can be anything from a sticker to some other thing that they really want, like a new toy. Perhaps they are allowed to play 30 minutes of video games if they read their assigned books for the day. This may be just the thing your tot needs to become more interested in reading and learning.

Many websites online have help with this, and you can even consult with people you know to find out what solutions they’ve used with their kids. You can also load up on books that are appropriate for your child’s age group. These books can be used after this program has been completed or to supplement the information it already provides.


There are many different programs designed to teach your children how to read. However, not all of them use phonics, which is regarded as one of the best ways to learn. Starfall does teach phonics and it does it in a fun and colorful way. The program is based on a set of 15 books that introduces young kids to sounds they need to know. Each sound is the basis of many words in the English language, which will come in handy throughout their lives.

Besides that, kids like to read these books because they are short and bright. You can find even more stuff to do on the Starfall website, and come up with games or songs in your house to have even more fun using the letters and sounds.

It may sound silly, but practicing different sounds can not only help your child read better, but it can allow them to talk better and say words that you didn’t know they knew. Check out this system for your preschooler or struggling reader, to give them a better chance to grasp helpful skills and start their love of books. It can give them a leg up in school and provide them with self-assurance.

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