Teaching Babies to Read?

Yes! You can start working with your baby from the first few months of its life, in order to build a foundation that can make them a good reader in the future. This doesn’t mean rapid speed drills with pictures and words like some marketers promote. It means exposing babies to lots of language, rhyming, songs, and interesting conversations and experiences. Look for resources that promote these.



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Having fun

Another thing to remember is that you have to make the learning fun. Toddlers have short attention spans, so you have to keep the learning engaging and exciting. Don’t forget – they are forming their opinions about reading as you introduce them to these activities. If they are drilled and forced to work on worksheets, this is their impression of learning to read. If they are exposed to wonderful read-alouds, letter games, and rhyming text and songs, they will remember these experiences as well. Keeping it positive and keeping them curious is most important.


Don’t let anyone let you believe that you can’t teach your child how to read.

When you use fun games and songs, and are constantly reading books to them, there is no doubt they will start learning words. They will have so much fun as they start to recognize letters and words on their own,  especially in their own names and in the names of those they love. This is an early step in learning the alphabet and letters sounds, which are important skills for reading in kindergarten. Sharing songs, rhymes and wonderful literature with your baby is a wonderful way to bond.

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