How to Support Reading Development in Children

Reading is a very important aspect in everybody’s life. It is more vital in the life of your child as they go through the learning stage. The first phase usually includes learning how to read, and later on, they will be reading by themselves in order to learn. As parents, therefore, it is your role to make sure that both reading and learning becomes an enjoyable experience. How so? The following are tips on how to improve reading skills in children:

  • Choose a fixed and regular time

In order to make sure that your child becomes enthusiastic in reading, choose a regular time for reading. It may be before going to bedtime, in the morning, or in the afternoon. Whatever schedule suits you both, make sure that you stick to it every day. Eventually, as your child starts to read, they will be looking forward more to that scheduled reading time.

  • Identify effective reading materials

Make sure that you fill your home with different reading materials that suit your child’s age. This means that you can spread children’s books and magazines throughout your house, with colorful pictures, fairy tales or story books, among other materials that can be interesting to your child.

  • Set a family reading time

Children follow the examples of their parents. As such, it would be effective to make reading as a set family affair. You can easily do that by discussing together the books read at your dinner table, or fixing a specific time during the day when every family member reads something that is interesting for about 30 minutes. As your child sees your interest, they will also be inclined to have the same interest.

  • Various reading activities

It is important to encourage your child to give reading a specific part in his life. One way to do so is by motivating your child to read road signs, menus, general travel information, movie listings and weather reports, as well as other information that they meet every day, such as reading the labels while you are buying certain food items.

  • A library habit

Implement a library habit the moment your child starts to read. This is an amazing idea to establish and improve reading skills. You can also make trips to the local library as part of your learning methods, as this will certainly entice your child to read and they will gobble up books just like a bookworm. You can also participate in different reading programs that are well-suited to the age of your child.

  • Record the progress of your child

You can get the statistics coming from an expert, and make sure that you keep records of the progress of your child. There are specific reading skills at each grade. As a parent, you need to know whether or not your kid is at par to the recommended reading skills for their age.

  • Be alert of reading problems

Most of the time, different reading problems are left ignored and undetected until it becomes very late. Therefore, it is very important that you watch out and be alert if your child is experiencing problems in terms of reading, understanding or decoding any word. Make sure that your kid completely understands what he or she is reading.

  • Seek professional help for reading issues

If you notice that your child has some issues in reading, such as not comprehending what he is reading or experiences difficulty in pronunciation, then it is high time to search for immediate assistance coming from tutors, teachers, or even professional learning centers.

  • Different aids to improve reading skills

These days, there are a lot of aids that can help in improving reading skills among children. Certain aids include audio books, DVDs, CDs, word games on the internet, and several others. These aids can be used in improving the skills of reading in your children.

  • Show interest in your child’s reading

Every time you see that your child shows enthusiasm in reading, make sure that you also show interest. This can be done by appreciation of his or her efforts, or even by joining your child in the said activity, thus making it a very fun one. Your reaction will certainly influence the motivation of your child to learn further. Therefore, it is very important to be positive in showing your reaction.

  • Take time to focus on reading skills

Most often, a child cannot work on improving his reading skills simply because he or she keeps stumbling on words that he or she considers as new, and may not be able to understand. This often results in the child finding ways to ignore, and even avoid reading. As parents, you can deal with this by playing word games together with your children in order to strengthen their spelling skills. This, in turn, will also create a good impression in their young minds that spelling can turn out to be fun also.

  • Encourage your kid to look new words up in a dictionary

Every time your child encounters a new word with difficult spelling, it is often helpful to encourage your child to look the meaning up in a dictionary. There are a lot of varieties, starting from preschoolers to young children and dictionaries that are filled with very colorful pictures. These options will not just teach them the ways to use a dictionary, but also help them in improving their vocabulary.

Indeed, there are several ways in which you can improve reading skills of your children. What you basically need first and foremost is the patience and the endurance when it comes to helping your child out. Make your precious one feel that it is a collaborative project that you are willing to share with them. With the right techniques at hand, helping your child to improve in their reading skills can be a successful goal.

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