Early Reading Books

Early Reading

When parents make books available that are familiar and engaging, the desire to read will be strengthened in children together with the development of literacy skills. A good book is one that catches the attention of young readers. This means that the illustrations should be engaging, vocabulary should be easy to recognize and understand, and a predictable pattern of words or events should be featured to keep the reader wanting more. This is one of the reasons why there are a lot of character driven books, as well as series which are designed for early readers. 

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Developing Literacy

Children who have been raised in an environment with lots of books love to “read”, even when they are simply practicing book handling skills and imitating others. Learning how to read is unquestionably one of the most valuable milestones in the life of a child. Literacy starts emerging in infancy through the exposure of sounds and sights in the environment and continues to be developed through daily interactions, storytelling, songs, and read-alouds. Reading to a child is one of the most effective ways to support developing literacy skills, thus preparing them to read independently. Multiple studies have found that children who have been exposed to books and have enjoyed read-alouds in early childhood are more prepared for their encounters with books in school, compared to those children who have not experienced listening to books being read aloud.

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