Books to Enjoy with Early Readers

By the time your child is approaching kindergarten, they most likely well on their way to learning how to read. Books that are fun and engaging can either be read by a child independently or out loud by a more skillful reader. Here are some books to enjoy together.

Dragons Love Tacos

This book is centered on a dragon that loves tacos, but hates salsa. He is a dragon, so eating hot things can cause problems. This makes sense to kids because they usually don’t like spicy foods either. The illustrations in the book are colorful and fun.


  • Nice illustrations
  • Funny story
  • Talks about spicy food


  • Overuses the word “hate”

Some parents didn’t agree with the author using the word “hate” many times throughout the book. They thought it was too strong a word for young children. However, you can substitute a different word if you feel strongly about it, which won’t take away from the actual story.

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Twenty Yawns

In this book, a little girl and her family have a nice day at the beach. Then, after they come home, it’s time to relax and go to bed. Everything is fine until she wakes up and sees the moon is out. She becomes frightened, which sets the tone for the rest of the book.


  • Great for bedtime reading
  • Talks about being scared at night
  • Features a strong family


  • Could scare some children

For kids that are scared of the dark, this might also be scary for them. However, the fact that there’s a strong family that is multicultural in this book is a positive thing for children to see and read about.

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Giraffes Can’t Dance

If children are crazy about animals, they’ll love this book. It follows a giraffe that wants to be a dancer. However, he doesn’t have the traditional body of a dancer and he isn’t that great at it. The other animals are not nice to him, but he doesn’t let much stop him because he wants to fulfill his dream.


  • Rhyming story
  • Teaches about aspirations
  • Has a hide and seek game to play on each page


  • Story is a bit sad

This story may be sad to read, but it has a good message. It teaches kids all about dreams and aspirations. We all know that we shouldn’t give up on our dreams, even if we are met with opposition, which is exactly what Gerald the giraffe believes as well.

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Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

This classic Dr. Seuss book is given to kids and adults that are starting new chapters of their lives. It has all the classic elements you love from the author’s other books, like a story that rhymes, very colorful illustrations, and a moral to the story that is easily understood.


  • Inspirational for all ages
  • Great illustrations
  • Fun story


  • Some people don’t consider it a children’s book

Since this book is so famous and people like it so much, there are those that don’t consider it a book for kids. However, it’s on the proper reading level for young children, and has all the features of other Seuss books.

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When you are considering which books to get for your child to read when they are about to go to kindergarten or are already enrolled in it, the choices can be overwhelming. However, there are many great books that your child will love to read.

The best one in this list is Giraffe’s Can’t Dance. It’s a story about following your dreams and it features a giraffe. Many children love giraffes and would love to read a story about one. There is also an aspect where the giraffe gets picked on, which can show kids that it isn’t okay to be a bully or to get bullied. They may also want to dance after reading this book, which isn’t a bad thing either. Another great aspect is that there are bugs to find that are hiding on each page of the book, which is a fun game to keep a child from getting bored.

If you are looking for a bedtime story, Twenty Yawns should be up your alley. It is a book about going to sleep after a long day, and how scary your room can be at night. It is also a warm tale about a family and features lots of fun onomatopoeia mixed in with the pictures. You can also make a game out of it by letting your child find the twenty yawns that can be located throughout the book.

Another great one is Dragons Love Tacos. It is about dragons and tacos, which are two things that most people like. You can even make some tacos to try when you read the book and your little reader can determine if they are too spicy or not. The book has unique illustrations and a comical story that will make kids laugh.

Finally, Oh, The Places You’ll Go has been a classic for many years. It is enjoyed by people of all ages, so some people forget it is supposed to be read by young kids. It has all the cool rhyming words and crazy illustrations you’re used to and the book itself is colorful and entertaining. Besides that, it can open the door for other Dr. Seuss books for your children if you are a fan and want your child to enjoy them as well.

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