Best Learning to Read Books

As a parent, there are a lot of things that you have to help your children learn how to do. There’s crawling, walking, and tying your shoes. One of the most essential things is reading. While they generally learn how to read once they start school, some kids may be interested early. Besides that, others may still want or need additional help at home. This is why books that help children learn how to read are not only popular, but also a great idea to purchase for your little reader. Here are some great books to check out for your child.

First Little Readers Parent Pack

This pack includes 25 books to get your little reader started. Each book is a different story and they’re filled will colorful illustrations that kids will want to read. There are also different volumes you can purchase, if you decide you need more practice or more books.


  • Many different stories
  • Lots of color
  • Repetitive text
  • Good for sight words


  • May be too easy
  • Books are not high quality

Although these books may be too simple for most children, every book has its place. These have bright pictures and there are so many in the pack. This leaves a lot of different opportunities for your child to enjoy a new book.

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Green Eggs and Ham

Nearly everyone is familiar with this book. It’s not only entertaining, but also has a fun rhyming scheme that can keep little guys and girls interested. Besides that, the pictures can draw young minds in, and the thought of green food will prove intriguing.


  • Adults and kids love it
  • Great plot
  • Fun to read
  • Basic enough for young readers


  • Has words that are confusing

This one does have some words that may not actually be words, but that is the charm of Dr. Seuss books. Your children will most likely love this book and then you can introduce them to other books by the author.

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Bob Books, Set 1

These books are favorites of many parents because you don’t have to micromanage what’s going on. A child can read the books all by themselves, so they’re learning and can feel a sense of pride in themselves.


  • Many stories
  • Don’t need parents to read books
  • Easy to complete
  • Short, manageable sentences and words


  • May be too easy for some

These books are great for even the youngest of readers. However, they may be too easy after your kid masters a few of the stories. The good news is that there are other sets you can buy from this author, which will be able to help as your child’s reading skills get stronger.

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May I Please Have a Cookie?

This simple book tells a story about Alfie the Alligator. It’s easy for kids to follow, whether they are boys or girls, and there is even another book in the series, in case your child can’t get enough of Alfie. Besides that, it helps teach manners and being polite.


  • Great story
  • Colorful pictures
  • Helps teach manners
  • Good for boys or girls


  • May not be great for the youngest of readers
  • Doesn’t rhyme

This book doesn’t rhyme, but it does tell a nice story. However, if you are purchasing books for children younger than 4, they may have trouble with it. On the flip side, if your reader is eager and wants to keep learning, this is a good one to get for them.

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When you are teaching a child to read, there are different types of books that may come in handy. There are collections of books to stimulate young minds and there are also individual stories to pique their interests. Both types of books work well and a good mix of the two is recommended. That way your kiddo will have a nice collection of books, which can keep challenging them and help them continue to learn.

In this list, the best solution if you want the most stories to help your child is the First Little Readers Parent Pack. It has 25 stories to keep them entertained and there are other sets of books, if you happen to like the setup, or if they end up working well for your purposes. Moreover, they can help even readers that are absolute beginners, and allow them to succeed.

The best book for the most enthusiastic reader is May I Please Have a Cookie? by Jennifer Morris. It is a cute story with a likable hero, and will also teach your baby about manners. When the main character asks for a cookie nicely, it may become a thing in your house too. On the flip side, the story doesn’t rhyme, which some people don’t like. They also think it makes it harder for kids to grasp.

Another great collection is the Bob Books, Set 1. They teach a young one how to read by building on letters and words to create a story. There are many books in the set and a child doesn’t need coaching on how to read the story. This means they’ll be accomplishing the task of reading a whole book by themselves, which could nurture their need to keep learning.

Lastly, Green Eggs and Ham is a classic book that belongs in everyone’s home. It has a story that everyone will love, and rhymes so much that it becomes silly and fun. Of course, Dr. Seuss is also known for making up words to make things rhyme, so all the words in this book may not be actual words. It is also a hardcover book, which will hold up for a lot of readings. Another plus is that if your child likes this one, you can then introduce them to other Dr. Seuss books, and then the movies and cartoons that go along with the stories.

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