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When you’re teaching your child to read, there are a lot of different resources to consider. However, one resource that has been around for some time is DVD programs. If your child watches television every day anyway, there’s no reason not to show them educational videos to help them learn the things they need to know. Here are some of the best DVDs to check out when your child needs to develop their reading skills.

Little Champion DVD System

This system is made up of 9 DVDs, which take a comprehensive approach to teaching the reading process to young kids. It also has flashcards to help the readers review things, and books that they should read by themselves. The system has won many awards and covers a wide range of ages.


  • Teaches words and phrases
  • Large collection of information
  • Has won many awards
  • Covers ages 1 to 7


  • May be too expensive for some parents

This is a great tool if you need all the resources in one place to help teach your child. However, if your tot already has basic knowledge of some of the aspects, like phonics or sight words, it may be more economical to get a video on the concept they need the most help with.

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Rock ‘N Learn Letter Sounds

This cool DVD is fun for kids to watch and has unique animation. It is utilized by many teachers, schools, and parents to show kids all about how letters should sound. There are also other videos you can purchase separately, if you enjoy the format and structure.


  • Fun lessons
  • Focuses on letters and sounds
  • Shows how mouth should pronounce words
  • Great for teachers or parents to use


  • May be too long for some kids to watch

This video has a mouth on the screen that shows you how your mouth should look when you’re pronouncing words. This is great for kids, since they love to mimic things naturally. The only negative is that the video is around 1 hour long, so you might need to show it to your child over the course of a couple of days.

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Meet the Phonics-Letter Sounds

This video teaches kids about letter sounds by repeating them and allowing the child to follow along. It is designed for kids that are around 3-5 years of age and shows them about sounds by turning the letters into interesting characters to follow.


  • Entertaining
  • Good for repetition
  • Other videos to purchase
  • Fun for kids from preschool to Kindergarten


  • May not be great for beginners
  • Introduces a lot of information at the same time

This DVD shows a lot of information to the person watching it. This is why it‘s a good idea to make sure your child knows a little bit about letters, before they watch the movie. You can also let them watch it many times until they have learned everything the video set out to teach them.

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Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Volume 1

This movie attempts to teach phonics through the use of stories and songs. This is an interactive approach, which makes it fun to watch and follow. It’s great for teaching pronunciation as well.


  • Incorporates songs and stories
  • Fun to watch
  • Great for learning pronunciation


  • May be boring for older kids

Some parents thought that this video was boring, but their children did not. The animation and songs are unique and children respond well to it. It quizzes the child as they learn, to check their comprehension and to see if they are paying attention.

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When you are teaching your child to read, you probably have a bunch of ideas and learning tools you want to use. If you are planning on using DVDs, then you have to decide on a comprehensive system or videos that are based on certain learning concepts. Both of them have their merits, so once you have decided how much you’re willing to spend, you are on your way to making a responsible choice on which resources you want to use.

In this list, the best solution is the Little Champion DVD System. It has everything you need to get your little reader on track and you can use it for children over a wide array of ages. It is comprised of 9 DVDs, which are chock full of information to get your child on track, before they start school or after they have been there for a bit. This includes videos, flashcards, and books, which cover many of the first concepts children need to know when they are first learning to read or preparing themselves to learn reading, like letter sounds, sight words, pronunciation, and word structure.

If your child is at the beginning stages of learning to read, Rock ‘N Learn Letter Sounds is a great DVD to pick up. It helps teach what all the letters sound like and even shows children what they look like by using a mouth onscreen. Besides that, you can build a collection of these videos by buying additional ones that cover different aspects of reading.

For children that want or need to learn phonics, Meet the Phonic-Letter Sounds is a great product. It introduces a lot of information at the same time, which may not help the first times a child watches it, but can keep it interesting as a kid watches through the video many times. After watching it for a few weeks, they’ll probably be able to grasp everything they are being taught in the lesson.

Finally, Rock ‘N Learn Phonics Volume 1 is another good one that teaches phonics. It has a unique soundtrack and animation that children love, although some parents didn’t care for it. On the flip side, it is an excellent video for learning pronunciation rules, which is essential for reading.

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