Benefits of Reading vs. TV

All of us, at one time, have spent a guilty time binge watching over our favorite TV shows. Reality has it that watching TV is one of the most pleasurable activities we can do at home. While this is generally true among adults, the story can turn out to be different with children. There are some parents who think that allowing their young children to watch kid programs on TV can turn out to be a very good way of making them learn, and behave at the same time. However, there is also a sad reality that parents use this as a strategy to make their children focus on something else, rather than disturb their parents.

Some parents, however, acknowledge the edge that books give as compared to watching TV. Here are some of them:

  • Books Are Unique

While it may be true that a child who chooses a copy of the very same book is most likely to read the very same story, thanks to the natural power of imagination, the skill can be trained to a level that can make a child creative while growing up. This is because, as children continue to read, they engage with the inner life of the characters in several ways that cannot be done just by watching television.

  • Books Can Be Paused

In theory, this can be done. Unless you are using a CD or watching a certain program, or use new technology such as recorders, you cannot pause a program that your child is watching on the TV. However, with a book, you can easily put it down whenever you need, and do not need a modern, special box to do so. You also do not have to stay up all night with your child because you are afraid of missing something, because you can just easily pick up right where you just left off.

  • No Need for 3D with Books

These days, with the advent of modern specifications on televisions, programs can now be viewed in 3D. However, this can turn out to be too much for young children. Books, however, are always 3D. Without the need of 3D Glasses, your child can still expect an all-encompassing experience.

  • Book Can Give You Wings

Reading is void of visual images. However, it fosters the capability of the mind to imagine. It does not just bring your child to places they have never been to, but it can also allow them to start meaningful conversations with strangers who can become their friends. If they have a book handy, they are never alone.

  • A Story in a Book is Meant to End

This is quite good news considering that some TV programs run with several episodes that only get worse and worse as the plot continues. These TV programs have been designed to conflict with their inevitable ends by nature. On the other hand, a book starts with a story, and ends after it is done. Even though the story may be epic enough that it might need to have several books in a series, every author has already planned for a book that has a beginning, a middle story, and a very reassuring end.

At the same time, here are also some learning benefits that can be expected by your child by reading books as compared to watching TV.

  • You Can Learn More

You can expect that children can interact more with the narrative as they imagine the scenes, the characters and actions in their head. As such, they are more likely to remember the specific knowledge that they pick up.

  • Medium Equals Knowledge

TV as a kind of medium can only foster a very short attention span. As compared to reading books, watching TV is only limited to abbreviated, shorter messages. Even those that are considered longer episodes also suffer from this. This is generally observed in storybooks which are turned into movies and films. There is always no justice when it comes to sending messages through a TV program. On the other hand, books can provide you with a detailed, complete, and more likely entertaining premise, idea, concept and lesson which you can easily browse through at your own pace.

  • Fosters Mind Creativity

According to studies, reading, most particularly fiction stories, can actually improve the creativity of children, and at the same time improve brain connection. This is often due to the very fact that the brain has the capability to visualize and make sense out of the content of the book.

  • Reading Can Help Children to Socialize

If your child is already old enough to go to school, the fact that he or she loves reading will allow him or her to socialize with other students who also love doing the same. There are reading clubs that they can join which will allow them to get in touch with other students whom he or she can become friends with. The good news is that these are safe clubs that they can join, allowing them to learn further in a good way.

  • It Develops Your Child to Become a More Interesting Person

Avid readers are more likely to become good writers, which is a skill that is not just great as a means of living, but one that can help them through school. On top of that, it will allow them to have more in-depth ideas inside their head. They will be able to talk to other people about different subjects, or even introduce a little bit of humor, and can even become the life of the party.

Bottom line is that, there are benefits of reading vs TV. Despite being in a modern era where modern technologies abound, reading out of a traditional book can actually bring out several advantages that can prove to be very beneficial towards the development of your child.

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